What Are Doodle Tales?

Doodle Tales are interactive stories designed to support children of all ages as they draw and write stories.

Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Doodle Tales are unique!

While ordinary stories are complete with all the illustrations and ideas finished for the reader to enjoy, Doodle Tales are different! This doodling story provides plenty of space for your child to:

  • complete the illustrations with doodles and drawings
  • add ideas, solve problems and finish details
  • unravel puzzles.

Reader + Illustrator + Writer

Doodle Tales encourage the reader to take on new roles as they become the illustrator and writer of the story as well.

Talk about multi-tasking!

By the end of the book, your child will have created an individualised story that is uniquely theirs! As a result, your child will own the story because they've created it!

Add drawings of objects to Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

So Why Do Kids (and Adults) Love Doodle Tales?

Doodle Tales are Fun!

Kids love this doodling story because it is fun! Yep! That's the first and main reason as given by kids!

The story is full of humour and that's before kids add their own ideas!

Add ideas to Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Doodle Tales are Versatile

This doodling story contains something for everyone.

Some people gravitate to the pages which required them to solve problems for the main character. For example, how will the knight and his horse get up an enormous cliff or cross the Carnivorous Canyon?

Solve problems in our latest book, Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Other readers enjoy the puzzle-solving activities involving letters and words.

Solve the puzzles in our latest book, Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Still others love the activities which involve creating patterns. There's something highly meditative and relaxing about drawing circles and developing repeating patterns and designs!

Create patterns in our latest book, Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Because there's a variety of activities, we know your child will enjoy Doodle Tales!

Doodle Tales are Non-Gender Specific

While our first doodling story is about a knight and his horse, both boys and girls engage with the story. There's plenty of room in the books for individuals to adapt the story to their own personal interests.

Doodle Tales are Enjoyed by Kids of All Ages

Because of the open-ended nature of the story, young children enjoy creating their own Doodle Tales (with a bit of help from Mum or Dad to help read/write the words) as much as older children. How old, you ask? Hmmm ... is 50+ yrs too old to be considered a child? Probably! So let's just use that old phrase young at heart!

In other words, the story and activities are adaptable and can be enjoyed by people of ALL ages!

Create creatures in our latest book, Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Doodle Tales Foster Story Writing

Many parents have told us, over the years, that story-writing is a difficult task for their children, especially when faced with a blank piece of paper and a pencil.

Doodle Tales actively involves children in the writing process by encouraging them to expand the story with their own ideas. Doodle Tales give children a structure which they can use as a starting point as well as scaffolding to help keep them on track.

Don't worry, though, there's plenty of opportunity for kids to add their own ideas, twists and turns!

Doodle Tales Nurture Creativity

Doodling improves creative thinking and comprehension! Doodling also helps people overcome the I-can't-draw-problem as doodling is more about enjoying the process rather than attempting to produce a perfect drawing.

Doodle Tales provides many opportunities for readers to doodle symbols, create patterns, draw ideas and add colour. The beauty of our doodling story is that there is NO RIGHT or WRONG way to complete the pages. Readers can even paste pictures cut from magazines (collage), stamps or stickers to complete their illustrations.

Children can make their stories as serious or as funny as they like. Why? Because they're the ones in ultimate control of the story!

Doodle Tales are reader-friendly and NOT intimidating. Children are encouraged to have a go and enjoy themselves!

The idea is to be creative! Think outside the box. Add twists and turns with unexpected ideas. In other words, HAVE FUN!

Solve puzzles in Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Doodle Tales are Relaxing

Get out those colouring pencils and pens as there's plenty of opportunity to add colour to this doodling story!

Colouring has many benefits. Not only are children's fine-motor skills and eye-hand coordination strengthened, colouring has a calming effect. Consequently, it helps to de-stress children (and adults). Colouring is especially helpful for children who are anxious as this gentle activity helps them to relax.

Relax and have fun with our latest book, Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

We're in the process of expanding our Doodle Tales Series so keep an eye on this website for new editions!

Check Out The First Doodle Tale

The first Doodle Tale in the series is entitled, A Good Knight's Bad Day!. The story is about a knight and his horse who encounter a LOT of obstacles as they venture forth on their quest for food which is desperately needed by the castle chef.

Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day!

Doodle Tales is only available in printed format and you can buy directly from our webshop! We will mail your book to you ASAP!

While we know that you'll enjoy Doodle Tales: A Good Knight's Bad Day, we'd love to hear your experiences. Therefore, feel free to either comment on this post or on our Facebook Page. Better still, upload one of your completed drawings to our Facebook Page because we'd love to see your masterpieces!

Have fun!