Walking on the Fence

Have you ever noticed how children enjoy walking on the fence?

It's a part of childhood.

Walking on the Fence

Walking on the fence has many benefits for children as they experience:

  • challenge: Can I do it? Will I fall?
  • a different perspective: The world looks different from up high. Every now and then, adults need to crouch down and see the world from the perspective of a child. Height offers a new perspective.
  • fear: It's a part of life which we all face in some form or another. It's how we deal with fear that makes the difference.
  • disappointment: when I fall off
  • determination: when I climb back up
  • encouragement: from others around me
  • support: from friends and loved ones who offer a helping hand
  • self-confidence: I can do this
  • relief: I've made it to the other side
  • success: I walked the fence on my own!

Sure, there's a risk to walking along the fence. After all, there's normally no soft-fall material underneath and no safety equipment. It's potentially dangerous!

However, life is about balancing the risk with the benefits. And there's always a low fence and a supporting hand to help out.

So the next time you're at the playground, enjoy the fence as well as the equipment! Have fun!

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