Use Minecraft To Encourage Reading

How Can You Use Minecraft to Encourage Reading?

Use Minecraft to Encourage Reading

If you have a child who loves playing Minecraft, you can use Minecraft to encourage reading.

How does this work? Glad you asked! The answer lies in the interest of your child.

Over the years, I’ve discovered one of the most effective ways of getting children to read for pleasure is to give them books that they’re interested in.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Actually, this is the secret of how to get children reading ... give them books they can’t resist!

Provide Books Which Use Minecraft to Encourage Reading

In our home, Minecraft is THE topic of interest and inspiration for the youngest members of our family.

Based on this interest, we went in search of books written on the subject. These books were “devoured” with pleasure by our Minecraft enthusiasts. It didn’t seem to matter how thick the books were or if they contained illustrations.

What mattered was the fact that these books contained information the boys needed in order to play the game. As a result, the boys were EAGER to read them!

We use Minecraft to encourage reading as, for the boys, the Minecraft books have a purpose. They're of value. The books are worth reading! This is the key to using Minecraft to encourage reading. Match the interest (i.e., Minecraft) with the books given to read (subject of books: Minecraft)!

The first books we found from our local library were instructional. Not being a Minecraft fan myself, the whole world of Minecraft continues to remain much of a mystery to me. However, these instructional books contain ‘recipes’ for creating all sorts of things within the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Books

Which Minecraft Books are Worth Reading?

If you’re wondering which books you can use about Minecraft to encourage reading, the following is a list of some of the books our boys have enjoyed.
This was the first instructional book we discovered ...

This book is not intimidating. It’s broken into bite-sized pieces so the information can be easily read and understood.

Instructional Minecraft Books

Other books were also located and poured over with equal enthusiasm. These included ...

Minecraft Books Minecraft Books Minecraft Books
Minecraft Books Minecraft Books

Minecraft Books

Fictional Minecraft Books

Much to the delight of our oldest son, we then stumbled across some fictional Minecraft books. These books are based on stories which occur in the world of Minecraft. In fact, we’ve had trouble finding enough of these to keep our eldest going. Books coming home from the library were read in record time! What a wonderful problem to have! :)

So far, we've tried books written by Winter Morgan ...

and Mark Cheverton ...

Minecraft Books Minecraft Books Minecraft Books

If you have a Minecraft adventurer in your home, try some of these books with him/her.

Reading Time Before Minecraft/Computer Time

There’s something else that has made a huge difference towards the attitude of reading in our household. We’ve changed the schedule of our day slightly.

Before any computer time can occur, 30 minutes of reading must be undertaken. This can be quiet reading done on an individual basis, joint reading with Mum or reading aloud. It doesn’t matter which books are read as long as there’s reading taking place!

Use Minecraft to Encourage Reading

Amazingly, the boys actually ask if they can do their quiet reading time now instead of me having to bring up the topic. From their perspective, it’s as if reading time is the doorway through which they must move in order to get their valuable Minecraft/computer time. So bring on the reading time!

I hope these tips will help your family. I know they’ve made a huge difference in our lives. It thrills me every time I see my boys voluntarily pick up and enjoy a book. Hooray for reading and hooray for Minecraft which has been used as a catalyst to further launch the boys into the wonderful world of reading!

Does your child have a favourite Minecraft book? We'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our Facebook page.

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