The Unbreakable Egg

Did you know that you can't break an egg by squeezing it? Yep, you read correctly! Any chook egg is an unbreakable egg if you try to break it by squeezing it!

The Unbreakable Egg!

What's that? You don't believe us!

Okay, I confess that had we not done this experiment with a real egg, I wouldn't have believed that there was such a thing as an unbreakable egg either!

So get ready to experience this yourself. Here's what you need to do ...

Link your fingers together to make a basket with the palms of your hands

Link your fingers together and make a 'basket' with your hands.

Place egg in the palms of your hands

Get someone to place an egg in your hands, length-ways, so the ends of the eggs are pressed into your palms.

Squeeze the egg and try to break it

Now squeeze your hands together.

I admit that when we did this experiment, everyone was ushered outside as I'm not a big fan of having to clean scrambled egg off the floor! :o

However, as it turns out, the experiment could have been conducted inside without the fear of having to get out the mop!

Keep squeezing

We squeezed ...

Keep squeezing

then squeezed some more ... and just for good measure, squeezed again. No matter how hard we tried, we had an unbreakable egg.

The egg is unbreakable!

You know you're going to have to get up, retrieve an egg and try this for yourself now, don't you?

In case you're wondering, the egg was fresh, not hard boiled nor was it fake. In fact, after the experiment was over, we cracked the egg and cooked it for breakfast.

This would have to be one of the easiest science experiments to set up.

How does a fragile egg become an unbreakable egg?

The answer lays in the shape of the egg. When pressure is applied evenly to the egg, the force is spread over the curved surfaces of the egg so that no one part of the eggshell bears the weight. As a result, the egg becomes an unbreakable egg!

Want another eggs-periment (sorry ... couldn't resist the play on words), try How Strong Are Eggshells?

By the way, if you're looking for a humourous story full of eggs, then check out Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake.

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