Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game

The Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game is a great way to encourage children to learn sight words while having fun!
Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game

The Aim of the Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game for children to recognise and locate sight words at different stations and to drive their trains to those stations.

Materials Needed for the Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game:

  • Chalk - to draw the track and stations on concrete
  • Toy trains
  • Sight word flash cards.

Preparation for the Trains and Tracks Sight Words Game:

Draw train tracks and stations on concrete with chalk

Draw a system of tracks and stations on an open area of concrete.

As you can see, it doesn't have to be that neat. Just as long as it sort of looks like a train track, you'll be fine! :o

Alternatively, ask the children to help draw the tracks and stations.

Write one sight word in each station

In each station, write one sight word. Add extra stations to cover the number of sight words being focused on.

Note: It's a good idea to limit the number of sight words to 5 or 6. Children often find it easier to learn a limited number of sight words which are repeated over and over rather than a longer list of sight words which are repeated less frequently. If you have 6 sight words, draw 12 stations so that each word can be repeated twice along the track.

Assign a train to each player so that he or she has one to drive around the track.

To Play the Trains and Tracks Sight Word Game:

After introducing the sight words to the players, give each player one sight word flash card. They can take this with them on their train journey to help them find the correct station (i.e., the one containing their target sight word).

Players drive their trains to the correct station

As each player locates the station they are looking for, they return their flashcard to you so they can be issued with a new sight word flashcard. With a new card in hand, they can continue their journey to the next station ... or sight word.

The beauty of this game is that players don't have to wait and take turns. If your system of train tracks is big enough, you can have multiple players driving around at the same time. The fact that they have to negotiate around each other enhances their spatial awareness and makes the whole game more fun.

Be warned, however, that there's a good chance you'll have 'flying trains' as the kids get faster at identifying the sight words and take short cuts through the air from one station to another. It's all fun and a great way to reinforce the recognition of common sight words.

Do you have a favourite sight words game? We'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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