The Wonders of the Park

The wonders of the park never cease to amaze me! What wonders? Well for me, there are at least two!

The wonders of the park

Firstly, I am constantly amazed how stress just melts away when we go to the park! When everyone is given space and fresh air in the greenery of the park, stress just disappears magically! Yeah for the park!!!

Secondly, there are so many things to discover in the park. Yes, there's often play equipment (climbing frames, swings, etc.) - all of which is terrific. But there are so many other things to discover which are much smaller: ants carrying amazing loads for their size, native bees buzzing in and out of a hole in the tree bark, birds in the tree tops and much more.

Best of all, the park is open regardless of the weather! (Yes, we've been known to visit parks in the rain. The boys love the slippery slides when they're wet as the slides definitely live up to their name!).

What's your favourite reason for going to the park?

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