The Shapes Drawing Game

I loved playing this shapes drawing game with the boys. It was a great way to start our school day as it allowed everyone time to sit down, turn on the creative side of our brains and begin focusing for the day.

Shapes Drawing Game

The aim of this shapes drawing game is to cooperatively build up a drawing based on a particular shape. The end product is the work of multiple players with everyone having had a turn at adding to the design.

Preparing Materials for the Shapes Drawing Game

Before the game starts, prepare:

  • Enough pieces of A3 sized paper so that each player has one. In our case, we had three players and therefore 3 pieces of paper.
  • Shapes Drawing Game

  • In the middle of each piece of paper, draw a small shape - a different shape for each page. The shape will form the centre of each drawing project.
  • Shapes Drawing Game
    Shapes Drawing Game

  • A set of pens for each player.

    Shapes Drawing Game

    In order to add some challenge to the game, I decided each shape needed to be worked in different colours (e.g., the parallagram = green, the heart = blue and the hexagon = brown). Therefore each player was given a green, blue and brown/orange pen.

How to Play the Shapes Drawing Game

Start by introducing each shape. Talk about the properties of each shape (e.g., how many corners/sides, length of sides, etc).

Give each player a set of pens and one piece of paper and explain they need to select a pen that matches the colour of the shape in front of them.
Shapes Drawing Game

Encourage each player to add some kind of border around each shape. This may be fancy swirls, straight lines, dots, dashes or anything else they want to create.

The objective is to go around the shape once staying as close as possible to the shape so that the many layers can be added to the drawing.

Once each player has drawn around the shape in front of them, they must pass their paper to the player on their right. In this way, everyone gets a new drawing to work on.

Players need to change their pen colours to match their new drawings.

Shapes Drawing Game

Play continues with players adding one border around the shape and then passing the drawing to the person on their right.

When there's no more room to draw, the game is finished.
Shapes Drawing Game

While we ended up with three unique drawings, I love the way this game allowed us to learn to work cooperatively.
Shapes Drawing Game

I'm not saying that there were no 'grumbles' such as 'You've drawn that too big' ... but these became learning opportunities for how we could express our feelings without hurting another person's feelings. Hmm ... a big ask for young children, but definitely a social skill that must be learnt!

The Benefits of Playing the Shapes Drawing Game

There are many benefits for children playing this shapes drawing game. Children:

  • Revise shapes
  • Engage in a cooperative game that involves taking turns
  • Respect the work of others
  • Use fine motor skills to draw
  • Exercise spatial awareness as they work around shapes
  • Employ creativity,
  • Utilize problem-solving (which coloured pen goes with which drawing) and decision-making skills.

Furthermore, because the work is cooperative, competition is eliminated. No-one's work is better than someone else's as everyone works together.
Shapes Drawing Game

I'm looking forward to doing this game again as we review more shapes. It's a great way to start any day.

What is your favourite drawing game? I'd love to hear about it!

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