The Maths Squares Game

The Maths Squares Game is a simple maths game which makes reviewing maths problems fun.

While we are currently focusing on addition, the game could also be adapted to review different maths concepts your child is learning (e.g., subtraction, multiplication or division).

The Aim of the Maths Squares Game

The aim is for a player to solve the problem in a square and then claim it as his/her own by crossing the square and writing his/her name on it.

The Maths Squares Game

Materials Needed for the Maths Squares Game

  • A white board
  • Pens
  • A dice (we used one for each player)

How To Play The Maths Squares Game

The Maths Squares Game

Draw a set of six columns on the board. Mark each column at the top with a number from 1 to 6.

Divide each column into several boxes (we made 6 boxes in each column) and then write a problem to be solved in each box.

The first player roles the dice and locates the matching column by referring to the numbers along the top of the columns. (Eg, if a two is rolled on the dice, column two is selected). He or she then needs to solve the next maths problem in the first unmarked square in the column.

The Maths Squares Game

If the problem is solved correctly, the square is claimed by the player crossing it and writing his/her name in it.

The next player then roles the dice and solves the problem in the next available square in the column matching the number rolled on the dice.

The Maths Square Game finishes when all the squares have been claimed by the players.

Variations to the Maths Square Game

    The game could easily be:

  • set up using pen and paper instead of a whiteboard
  • altered to focus on sight words, letter sounds or even colours and shapes.

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