That’s One Crazy Turkey!

1 Crazy TurkeyOkay ... I admit it. This post has absolutely nothing to do with books ... or any planned educational activity at all.

However, some of the best learning opportunities arise spontaneously. The day we were visited by a crazy turkey was definitely one of those experiences.

I enjoyed it immensely because I was able to take on the role of an observer only and could watch what the boys tried and were learning.

It all began, innocently enough, with two boys ... I mean ... engineers ... constructing retaining walls in the sand bank in order to make roads for trucks.

However, there's more to this scene that at first meets the eye as the engineers were being watched by one crazy turkey! (You can see this black feathered bird in the top right hand corner of the photo).

1 Crazy Turkey

It wasn't long before the turkey was first spotted by one of the engineers. With his cover blown, the turkey quickly retreated into the nearby bush.

At this stage, I thought that was the end of our bird watching for the day. After all, a bird would have to be crazy to return to the scene where two energetic boys, full of schemes and ideas, were working.

However, it turns out this turkey had no respect for his own life as he did indeed return.

That's One Crazy Turkey

All those self-taught lessons about stalking, were suddenly put into practise. (Yes, we do homeschool ... but no ... stalking isn't on the official curriculum!)

That's One Crazy Turkey

Time and time again, the turkey returned. Apparently he really liked the biscuits that the rest of us decided we didn't want. In fact he liked them so much that he came right down onto the beach.

About now, all the bird lovers have probably closed their web browsers in disgust as we're probably not meant to be feeding wildlife biscuits. Sorry ... but we didn't have any freshly caught bugs. Although, if we'd been home, there's a rich supply of caterpillars in our yard!

That's One Crazy Turkey

At one stage, it looked as if there was a standoff. Who was going to make the first move? The boys or the bird?

While I couldn't see their faces, I figured the boys were intent on catching that turkey.

Eventually, the boys must have figured it would be better just to see how close they could lure the turkey without catching it (yeap - Mum's message of "Look with your eyes and not with your hands" must have seeped through. It's one thing to be presented with countless caterpillars or bugs on a daily basis, but what on earth would I have done with a turkey?)

That's One Crazy Turkey

Perhaps the turkey realised there was a change in plans as he seemed willing to come very close for a wild bird - much to our young discoverer's delight!

I never tire of watching children discover the things that we 'adults' often miss. The world is full of wonder when seen through the eyes of a child.

That's One Crazy Turkey

The turkey hung around for ages, gobbling up cracker biscuits. He even became so game that he wandered right up the beach following David who of course enticed him with the promise of yet more crackers.

I hope in years to come, the boys will continue to find the world a source of wondrous intrigue - full of new things to discover daily.

That's One Crazy Turkey

By the way, the next day we had another encounter with a bird - this time a duck. Hmm ... I wonder if there'll be any more feathery friends to become acquainted with tomorrow? Hopefully it won't be a wild emu. They're big!

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