Mystery Taste Testing

Taste Testing

As part of our focus on the body, we recently did some taste testing.

The objective of this activity was to try and identify different foods by using the sense of taste only.

The boys were blindfolded with a scarf and asked to pinch their noses.

(In theory, by pinching their noses, the task of tasting and identifying the different types of food should have been made more difficult. However, we didn't find this to be the case.)
Taste testing

Earlier, I'd prepared several teaspoons with samples of different food including:

  • apple sauce
  • cheese
  • vegemite
  • yoghurt
  • scrambled egg and
  • bacon.
  • Taste testing

    The boys enjoyed this activity which is a simply way to focus attention on the sense of taste.

    Have you tried this with your child?

    What sort of food did you sample?

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