Stories For Children Are Essential

Stories For Children Are Essential.

Stories are Essential
Reading stories for children is one of the most vital activities you can do on a daily basis after the basics of giving them food, water, clothing, shelter and love, of course!

Why are Stories for Children Important?

  • because stories introduce reading. Reading is a major part of life.

Have you ever stopped to think how much reading you do in a day? Okay, it may not be the 'sit-down-and-read-a-novel' type of reading. I remember those days before children when reading a novel was a regular part of life. Somehow, with the arrival children, those relaxing hours disappeared like a silent vapour.

However, reading occurs on many other levels during the day. For example, you read:

  • A cereal box at breakfast
  • A computer screen - emails, internet searches
  • Traffic signs when driving
  • Advertising signs (there's a million of them in even the smallest of towns!)
  • Your GPS (if you have one in the car) or the road map
  • The shopping list
  • The ingredients label on a packet of food at the supermarket
  • The shopping docket at the checkout - to make sure it's correct
  • A recipe when cooking
  • The TV guide (and the subtitles - if they're turned on)
  • Mail  (the snail mail that arrives in the mail box)
  • The bills. While it's true that no-one actually likes to read such items, it's better to read the bill and know that you've been charged correctly than to be paying an amount that includes the neighbours' electricity as well!
  • Advertising material (that is also stuffed into your mail box). Admit it. You have a look at it, on your way to the bin!
  • Instructions manuals (the ones you refer to when all else fails)
  • The newspaper (online or paper version)
  • The cooking instructions on a packet of frozen food
  • The mobile phone
  • Text messages
  • 'Missing Cat Signs' plastered to the power poles in the street where you walk
  • School newsletters

You get the idea and can probably think of a million other ways in which you use reading skills during the day. Considering all these times, it is easy to understand why reading is an essential skill for your child needs learn. It's a skill they'll be using for the rest of their life.

Stories for Children Develop A Positive Attitude Towards Reading

The good news 'by simply reading stories for children that are engaging, interesting and captivating, you set the stage that says'

Reading is fun

Words have meaning.

Before long, your child will be asking you to read simply because they want to know what the sign on the power pole says! Way to go. What a terrific start you've given your child to life - an attitude that says I want to read! I need to read!

All because you've introduced reading through stories and created a positive attitude towards books and stories. Great job!

If you'd like some tips on ways to weave stories for children into your daily routine, have a look at: