Sneaky Snake Dice Game

Games are a great way to learn maths which is why we created the Sneaky Snake Dice Game.

The Sneaky Snake Dice Game is based on the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake and is designed to encourage children to have fun while adding numbers.

Sneaky Snake Dice Game

The Objective of the Sneaky Snake Dice Game:

... is to see which snake (the golden snake or the blue snake) will eat the most eggs.

The Sneaky Snake Dice Game is non-competitive and can be played by one or two players.

Addition Materials Required:

  • one or two dice, depending on the difficulty level required. One dice is easier than using two
  • a whiteboard pen.

Preparation for the Sneaky Snake Dice Game:

  • Print out the game board (two pages).
  • Laminate the pages and connect together side by side using tape.

By laminating the sheets, the game can be played over and over with a different result each time.

Sneaky Snake Dice Game Board
How to Play the Sneaky Snake Dice Game:

Step 1. The player rolls the dice and writes the matching number in the first rectangle next to first gold snake.

Step 2. After rolling again, then next number is written in the first rectangle next to the first blue snake.

Step 3. The next number rolled is written in the circle next to the golden snake. Add the number in the circle to the number in the previous rectangle. Write the answer in the next rectangle, following the arrow trail.

Step 4. Repeat the same process in step 3 for the blue snake.

Play continues, alternating between the golden and blue snakes until the end of the number trail is reached.

Which snake has eaten the most eggs? The least eggs?

Okay, the instructions may sound confusing, but once you look at the game board, it will all make sense.

This game keeps children adding along the track. It also allows children to practise writing numbers. But more importantly, it's fun!

You're welcome to print the Sneaky Snake Dice Game for free. Download from here:

Have you seen the original story in which Sneaky Snake first appears?

Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake

You'll find the story here. It's available as an app for iPad, an ebook or as part of a library for PC/Mac users.

There are also numerous free printables, games and activities developed for "Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake".

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