Sight Words Block Game

The Sight Words Block Game gets children up and moving while they're learning to read sight words. It's a very simple game but one which younger children love playing.

Sight Words Block Game

The Sight Words Block Game is especially good for children with special needs or for those who learn by doing (i.e., getting up and moving!). We've had great success using this game with children who have autism. The game has room for adaptations to suit children with different skills and abilities.

The Objective of the Sight Words Block Game

... is for children to find and carry back as many blocks with the target sight word displayed on them as possible.

Materials Required for the Sight Words Block Game

Sight Words Blocks

  • 36 wooden blocks
  • printed sight words (6 copies of each word)
  • sticky tape
  • one set of 6 flash cards (or something similar) displaying the target sight words.

Preparation for the Sight Words Block Game

For this game, it's best to limit the number of sight words. We used 6 words. Print each sight word 6 times so that the children have the opportunity to collect multiple blocks for each sight word. The repetition of the words helps the players to recognise the words more quickly.

Time for a bit of maths .... 6 sight words, each with 6 blocks means ... 6 x 6 = 36 blocks are required.

Print out the sight words being focused on and tape one word to each block. If you're wondering where to get some blocks, you could do as we did and raid the block corner. Who said blocks are just for building with! :o

Spread the sight words blocks out

Spread the sight word blocks over the footpath or a spacious area outside. When we did this, the whole arrangement reminded me of a forest of sight word trees. Okay, there were no leaves or bark ... but you get the idea.

How to Play the Sight Words Block Game

Begin by introducing the new sight words to the players. We used sight word flashcards for this purpose in the shape of penguins. (One of our players was fascinated by penguins so we took advantage of this interest). :o

Players collect their target sight word

Give each player one sight word flashcard and ask them to go and find as many blocks with the sight word written on it as they can. The advantage of giving the player the sight word flashcard is that they can carry it with them and compare it with the words written on the blocks.

Once a player has collected all 6 blocks for their particular sight word, they then return to collect a new sight word flash card and start the process again.

If you have multiple players, you can recycle the blocks by putting them back into the sight word block forest for the next player.

Alternatively, leave the blocks in their groups till all of the blocks have been collected and then start the game over.

Adaptations for the Sight Word Block Game

The game can be played by multiple players at one time. For more of a challenge, try the following:

  • encourage the players to race against each other
  • add a timer so that each player races against the clock
  • form the players into teams. Only one player from each team is able to hunt for the blocks at one time. They must tag each other before sending the next player into the sight word block forest to retrieve words.

I'm sure there are many other ways you could use these blocks. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear about them. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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