Sight Word Twister

Sight Word Twister
Here's a sight word game to play with children who are learning to read frequently used words. Sight Word Twister gets children actively involved by getting them to reach, stretch and twist so they can touch the word cards on the floor.

Aim of Sight Word Twister

For children to locate and read different sight words and place part of their bodies (e.g., feet, hands, etc.) on the words.

No. of Players: This game can be played individually or with a small group of children.

Materials Required

  • Sight word cards
  • Tape (to secure the cards to the floor)

How to Play Sight Word Twister

  • Tape the words to the floor, placing them close enough for little people to reach easily.
  • An adult calls out one of the sight words taped to the floor.
  • The child needs to locate the sight word which is stuck to the floor and place one part of his/her body on the word (e.g., a foot or hand or knee or head). This body part needs to stay in contact with the word as the game progresses.
  • A second word is then called out so the child can find it and place another part of his/her anatomy on it without moving off the first word.

This is a great game to promote special awareness (how your body fits in relation to other objects) and problem solving (how am I going to reach the next word and with which part of my body).

Variations to Sight Word Twister

Sight Word Twister

Once your child has played the game, swap roles so that you become the player and he/she becomes the reader/caller out of words. This is another way to get children reading.

The game becomes more of a challenge when two players are involved. Players take turns locating and touching words and remaining in place while the next person has a turn.

It's also a great game to get children (and adults) moving their bodies around. Have fun!

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