The Sight Word Stamp Game

The sight word stamp game is a fun activity which can be easily made at home. It helps children to recognize frequently used words (sight words).

Aim of the Sight Word Stamp Game

Players need to roll the sight word dice and then place a stamp in columns for the appropriate sight word as it appears on the dice. The game finishes when the first sight word column is full.

Note: This is also a maths game which involves the principle of probability. Students can guess which word is going to be rolled more frequently than others.

No. of Players: This game can be played by individuals or in small groups.

Materials Needed for the Sight Word Stamp Game

Preparation for the Sight Word Stamp Game

A stamping sheet needs to be prepared for each student playing the Sight Word Stamp Game. This can be an A4 sheet of paper with a grid marked on it such as this:
Sight Word Stamp Game

The focus sight words which you are working on need to be written on the bottom row of the grid.

Prepare a sight word dice, which you can easily make at home, with the words you are working on by changing the stickers on the word dice.
The Sight Word Stamp Game

To Play the Sight Word Stamp Game

    1. Encourage the student to roll the dice and then read that word that appears on the top of the dice.
    2. Once the student has located the matching word on their grid, they need to place a stamp in the column for that word.
    3. The dice is then rolled again and the next word stamped.
    4. The game continues until one column becomes completely full or all the columns are full.

The Sight Word Stamp Game

Note: this game can be adapted for a small group by the players taking turns with the dice or each player marking their grid each time the dice is rolled.

We hope you enjoy this sight word game.

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