How To Make A Sight Word Dice

There are many games you can do with sight words which involve using a sight word dice. At first, trying to make a dice may seem a little daunting. However, we have a tried and true method that is so easy.

Materials Needed to Make a Sight Word Dice

  • A small square wooden block. (You probably have one of these in your home already. Head to your child's block collection and there's sure to be one in the box).
  • Self-adhesive stickers
  • Felt pen

How to make a sight word dice

Construction Method for a Sight Word Dice

This is so easy that once you see the photo, you're probably not going to need to read the instructions.

    1. Cut the adhesive stickers so they fit onto each side of the wooden block.
    2. Stick the stickers onto the block
    3. Write the sight words you are working with - one on each side of the dice.

That's it! You're done. You've made a sight word dice. How easy was that?

Now you are ready to play sight word dice games. Return to Sight Word Games.

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