Sight Word Buttons – a Game

Here's a sight word game that's really easy to set up: Sight Word Buttons

Materials Required For Sight Word Buttons:

  • A bag of buttons - various sizes and colours
  • Sight Word Cards

Sight Word Buttons Game

We found a bag of buttons in a dollar store. Keep an eye out for suitable buttons in the cheap stores, second hand stores or craft stores.

How to Play Sight Word Buttons

Place all the sight word cards on the table or floor in front of your child.

As you call out a word, encourage your child to locate and read the word. If the correct word is found, mark it with a button.

The game continues until all words have been marked with a button.

Variations to Sight Word Buttons

You can change Sight Word Buttons to suit your purposes by:

  • Using a second set of sight words to show your child each word as you are playing. This will allow your child to see the word they are looking for and then match it with one of the cards on the table.
  • Sight Word Buttons Game

  • Changing roles with your child so they become the caller and you are the player with the buttons.
  • Playing with a a small group in a similar fashion to Bingo. A caller announces which word to look for and all the players search their sight word cards for the appropriate word. The winner is the one who covers all of his/her sight word cards with buttons first.

The use of buttons, provides a novel approach which children enjoy. Something new creates a fresh interest in any project.

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