Sight Word Bingo

Sight Word Bingo is a fun game that helps children learn to read frequently used words (sight words).

No. of Players: suitable for individuals or for small groups.

Sight Word Bingo: The Aim

For the child to locate a word, when it is called out, on their grid and cover it with a marker. The game is finishes when all words have been covered.
Sight Word Bingo

Materials Required

  • A4 sized piece of paper
  • Small blocks or buttons (to be used as markers)
  • Felt pen
  • Sight word cards


Draw a grid on the paper (with a landscape orientation) so that you have five columns and four rows.
In each square, write one of the sight words being focused on. To aid memorisation of the words, write each word several times in different squares.

To Play

1. Give your child:

  • the paper with the grid and sight words written on it
  • a container of blocks/buttons or similar objects to use as markers.

2. Read the first sight word card and show the word.

3. Encourage your child to cover the matching word on their grid with a marker.

4. Read the next sight word card. Continue in this manner until all the words have been covered.

Sight Word Bingo
Due to the repetition of the sight words, this game helps children to memorise the words so they can read them quickly.

Sight Word Bingo is:

  • easy to set up
  • inexpensive (as you use what you have at hand)
  • flexible (you can change the words to match the set of sight words you are focusing on) and
    effective because it is fun.

Note: You could laminate a blank grid and then write the sight words on the laminated sheet using a white board marker. By doing this, you wouldn't have to re-draw the grid each time.

The game can easily be adapted for more players by simply making up more grids and providing more markers.

We hope you enjoy this sight words game.

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