Sight Word Animals

Sight Word Animals

Aim of Sight Word Animals

For children to locate and read different sight words and place a toy animal on top of it.

No. of Players: This game can be played individually or with a small group of children.

Materials Required

  • Sight word cards
  • Tape (to secure the cards to the floor)
  • Soft toy animals

How to Play Sight Animals

  • Tape the words to the floor to stop them moving around.
  • An adult calls out one of the sight words taped to the floor.
  • Encourage your child to read the sight words taped to the floor, locate the correct word and place a soft toy animal on top of it.
  • A second word is then called out so the child can repeat the process and place another toy on top of the next word.
  • Sight Word Animals

Variations to Sight Word Animals

Swap roles with your child so that you are responsible for locating sight words on the floor and placing a toy on each word after your child has read it out. Children often enjoy taking on the role of the 'teacher', especially when you become the 'student'.

Sight Word Animals is a relatively calm and quiet game. If you're looking for something a little more active and energetic, try Sight Word Twister. Sight Word Twister can use the same cards which you've already taped to the floor.

If you don't have enough soft toy animals, they can be substituted for blocks, toy cars, shoes or anything else that you have available.

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