Sensory Play: Playing with Gelatin

After preparing the gelatin yesterday, we dove into a sensory activity today by playing with the gelatin.
Playing with gelatin

This was heaps of fun. However, there are a couple of things I will change the next time we organise this activity.

Firstly ... limit the amount of food colouring you put into the gelatin when preparing it.
Playing with gelatin

One of our little creators was very liberal with the food colouring ... hence the blue hands. The blue colouring did disappear during bath time but you may not want your little ones running around looking like they've come from a different planet with blue coloured skin.

Secondly ...
choose the location of your play carefully. Next time, I plan to put the activity out on the grass where it will not come in contact with cement or windows.

I found that gelatin stuck firmly to the cement if allowed to dry. It was a case of getting out the scrubbing brush and hose and putting in some elbow grease.

I'm not sure if we just made out gelatin mixture too strong (i.e., with not enough water), or if gelatin just dries hard. Either way, the problem can be solved easily by setting up the activity in a grassy area.

So why is playing with gelatin great?

Playing with gelatin

We partially filled a large plastic container with water and then gave the boys the gelatin which had been set overnight.

This was an activity the boys thoroughly enjoyed and spent quite some time exploring.
Playing with gelatin

We enjoyed using gelatin for this sensory experience because:

  • Gelatin, on it's own with food colouring only, isn't sticky. It has all the properties of jelly but without the stickiness.
  • Gelatin feels great. The boys had a fantastic time squeezing the gelatin so that it broke into tiny pieces and floated around in the water.

We also hid some small plastic animals in the gelatin when we were making it. The boys were fascinated by the impressions the animals left in the gelatin when the animals were later removed.

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