Seed Matching Game

Have you ever noticed how much seeds vary in regards to colour, shape, and size?
Seed Matching Game
The objective of this seed matching game is to focus children's attention on the differences between seeds and to match seeds which are the same.

Materials Required for the Seed Matching Game

  • A variety of seeds
  • A tray or container in which to place loose seeds
  • Cardboard
  • Sticky Tape

Preparation for the Seed Matching Game

Seed Matching Game

  • Stick one of each seed onto a sheet of cardboard. Label each seed (e.g., pea, pumpkin, etc.)
  • Seed Matching Game

  • Cut the cardboard into squares so that each section contains one seed.
  • Place a variety of loose seeds onto a tray.

How to Play the Seed Matching Game

Seed Matching Game

Encourage children to:

  • Look at the loose mixed seeds on the tray
  • Compare the loose seeds to those stuck on the cards
  • Identify which seeds are which by matching them to the seeds stuck to the cards. This can be done by comparing size, shape and colour of the seeds.

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