The Secret of Getting Kids to Read

The secret of getting kids to read is to give them books they can’t refuse.

The Secret of Getting Kids to Read

So what sort of books can’t be refused? Which books will entice kids to delve into the world of reading with the least amount of resistance?

The Secret of Getting Kids to Read

... is found in the topics of the books!

By matching books with your child’s favourite interest, reading will begin to occur in a natural, unforced manner.

Why? Because children enjoy reading books that are about topics that interest them.

The Secret of Getting Kids to Read Lays in Interests!

It’s the same with us as adults. We’re more likely to read something based on a topic that interests us than something that doesn’t.

Years ago, I was required to do a course on accounting for work. To be honest, I struggled immensely with the readings that were assigned to the course because they simply didn’t interest me. Well, more truthfully, I struggled to stay awake while attempting to read them! Maybe I should mention that I didn’t finish the course and am definitely NOT an accountant. (For all those who are accountants, I take my hat off to you for your unique talents are not ones that I possess!)

It’s the same with our kids. Give them something to read that interests them and kids will read with more enthusiasm. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Using Minecraft as an interest to encourage reading

In our house, Minecraft is definitely a favourite interest of the youngest members of our household. Given the chance, I’m sure they’d play Minecraft from dawn to dusk.

Using the secret of getting kids to read, we launched ourselves into books about Minecraft. The results amazed me but that’s definitely a topic for another post – “Use Minecraft To Encourage Reading”. :)

How To Find Books Your Child is Interested in Reading?

The easiest way I’ve found is to make use of our local library. By using their online library catalogue, I've been able to locate books on specific topics that our boys are interested in.

Better still, I get our boys looking through the catalogue themselves and choosing books. This is a great way to get them using technology for a purpose, as well as reading along the way (after all, you have to read the information on the screen!).

If there have been no books in our local library, we’ve also engaged in searches with an internet browser. Our local library has even been known to purchase books if we’ve approached them with a title we feel will interest many other library users as well. “Hooray” for local council libraries!

What topics are your children interested in? Dinosaurs, solar systems, science experiments, fairies, how to knit socks? The chances are there’s a book written about the topic somewhere.

We’d love to hear about your experiences using this secret of getting children to read. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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