The Scribble Drawing Game

The Scribble Drawing Game is perfect for playing and interacting with your youngster. It requires simply materials (e.g., paper and drawing pencils/pens/crayons) and your imagination. Best of all, it's heaps of fun!

The Scribble Drawing Game
The objective of the drawing game is to draw a simple scribble on paper and then hand it over to your partner so they can turn the 'scribble' into something else by adding details, colours, patterns, etc.

Here's an example:
The Scribble Drawing Game
Daniel drew a scribble on the left-side of the book for me to work on and I drew a scribble for him on the right-side of the book.

After we'd finished modifying the scribbles, this is what we ended up with:
The Scribble Drawing Game

Hints for the Scribble Drawing Game:

  • By swapping 'scribbles' with your partner, you can both draw side-by-side. Drawing together helps to maintain your child's interest in the activity and inspires creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Sometimes the simpler the scribble, the easier it is to develop into something different. This is because there's more white space left on the paper to work with.

The Scribble Drawing Game
Some more scribble drawings.

The Benefits of the Scribble Drawing Game

I love this activity because it promotes:

  • Positive interaction between the participants
  • Creativity and 'out-of-the-box' thinking
  • Fine motor skills (drawing)
  • Language (talking about what you've created).

The Scribble Drawing Game

The Scribble Drawing Game

We enjoyed playing this game so much that we ended up creating numerous drawings! :o We hope you'll enjoy playing this game too!

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