Scrambled Words Game – Short Vowel ‘O’ Words

Scrambled Words Game

The scrambled words game is a fun word activity which encourages children to sound out words and spell them. The beauty of this game is that it can be adapted to accommodate the varying needs of different children, making it easier or harder as need be.

The Aim of the Scrambled Words Game

... is for children to sound out words, locate the correct letters and spell the words using letter tiles.

Materials Required for the Scrambled Words Game

  • Printed pictures focusing on the particular letter sound you are reviewing.
    Please feel free to print the free downloadable we used for words containing the short vowel 'o' sound:
  • Scrambled Words Game
    Scrambled Words Game

  • Letter tiles

How To Make Homemade Letter Tiles

While we used a set of letter tiles, this game can equally be played using homemade letter tiles. Such tiles could be made out of:

  • Milk bottle tops - use a permanent marker to write a different letter on each bottle top
  • Cardboard squares - cut up small squares and write a letter on each individual square
  • Duplo blocks - place stickers on one side of each block and write a letter on each sticker
  • Paint sample charts - cut up paint charts that have samples colours printed in squares. Write a letter on each square
  • Sheets of Foam Rubber - these days you can often find foam rubber squares in craft or dollar stores. Cut the foam into small squares and write letters on each using a permanent marker.

Scrambled Words Game

How to Play the Scrambled Words Game

  • Give each child a picture card
  • Encourage each child to name the focus word in the picture and then say the word slowly, stretching it out so that the individual sounds can be heard
  • Scrambled Words Game

  • Ask the children to locate the appropriate letter tiles from a pile in the table and then spell the word according to the sounds they can hear.
  • Once a word has been correctly sounded out and spelt, the tiles are returned to the letter pile in the middle of the table and the picture card is placed to one side of the player. A new picture card is given so the student can work on the next word.
  • Play continues until there are no picture cards left.
  • At the end of the game, players tally how many words they have spelt.

Modifications to the Scrambled Words Game

To make the game easier for younger players, choose picture cards that involve smaller words.
Scrambled Words Game

Also, give younger children the letter tiles which they will need, making sure the letter tiles are scrambled. This makes spelling the words easier as children already have the letters to work with and don't need to try and identify the letters needed.
Scrambled Words

By giving children letter tiles to work with, they are able to concentrate on identifying letter sounds and putting them together in the correct order. The task of forming the letters through writing is eliminated in this task so that the focus is on reading and spelling.

Another alternative to letter tiles is magnetic letters which are normally placed on refrigerators.

Have you made letter tiles for your children? If so, how did you make them?

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