Sand Sight Words

Sight Words in the Sand

Who said that learning must be restricted to the classroom or to pen and paper? In reality, children are learning all the time - not just when they are at formal lessons. Sand sight words involves taking the learning outside of the classroom.

The key is to making learning fun wherever you are - even at the beach.

When you think about it, the wide expansion of a beach is the perfect place to write - and therefore a great place to play with sight words. All you need is a stick of some description and you're ready to go.

Try writing sight words in the sand ... or word families (e.g., bat/ cat/ hat) ... for your child to read. Then swap roles so that your child writes for you.

If you don't have a beach handy ...

You can always use:

  • Chalk to write sight words on the pavement
  • Shaving cream on a tray. Spray it on, spread it out and then write in it with your finger.
  • Flour, sand or bird seed on a tray. Use in a similar way to shaving cream (above)

There are many ways to read and write without using pen and paper.

How many methods can you think of?

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