Reading Outside is Outstanding

Reading is often considered an indoor activity. However, there are no rules which state that reading can't be an outdoor activity.

Therefore, it's time to take reading time outside!
Reading Outside

In fact, studies show that simply being outside in the natural environment can significantly reduce stress levels. What a perfect place to read especially for children who are learning to read.

One of my favourite memories from primary school was when the teacher took us outside, sat us down on a blanket on the grass and read aloud to us.

I distinctly remember feeling disappointed when the session was abruptly finished due to the poor behaviour of some of the students who decided sitting and listening in the warm sunshine wasn't what they wanted to do.

Reading Outside

This week, we purposefully set up a reading blanket (complete with soft pillows) on the lawn under a shady tree. What a treat - for both the boys and myself!

The neighbours probably wondered what on earth we were doing camping out on the front lawn. We were even teased in fun and told that we were having 'too much' fun and should be back inside! :o (Is it possible to have too much fun reading??? Surely not!)

If you haven't tried reading outside yet, give it a go. It'll add a new dimension to your reading time with children that is hard to explain.

So go on ... grab the blanket and cushions and prepare to enjoy reading outside! It's worth the effort.

Reading outside is an outstanding experience!

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