Reading Notes For Fun

Lately, during meal times, I've noticed that one of our boys is reading labels on the back of food packaging (i.e., the breakfast cereal, the honey jar, etc.). This reminded me that reading is definitely not confined to books or to reading programmes but is part of everyday life.

In an attempt to foster more reading, I'm endeavouring to place random notes around the house in odd places ... just for fun. These notes will be positioned in areas just the right height for little people to read.

The idea is to put notes up after the boys have gone to bed. The next day, hopefully, the boys will discover the notes as they progress through the day.

The first one I put up, was found pretty quickly.
Reading Notes for Fun
Okay ... so who wouldn't have found bright orange tags stuck to the edge of the table near the front door?

As for the message, I started with a "Do-not-read-this-message" = "Do not read this message. If you do, I will have to kiss you!"

Yes, I'm sure there are a million reasons why I shouldn't use a "Do not read this ..." message however it was chosen because the boys have been playing games with these words in the past few weeks.

If we want them to try a new food, we've been playing a "Don't-you-eat-that-because-game" ... and guess what they've done - dived in head first to gobble it all up with cheeky smiles.

(Please be assured, they know from our tone of voice, body language, etc, when we're playing this game and when we're seriously saying "Stop! Don't do it!")

So far, I've had to kiss both boys as they both read the note! Hooray ... it was a win-win situation. The boys had fun reading and I got extra kisses ... or I should say ... gave extra kisses. :o)

Anyway, the task will be to come up with new spots to put the sentences and new things to say. I'll let you know how we go.

Hmm ... now where to put tomorrow's note? On the back of the cereal box? In the refrigerator? Near the flush button on the toilet. Actually, that's not a bad idea if it says "Push me!"

For tomorrow, I think we'll go with the cereal box ...
Reading Notes for Fun

Who said reading can't be fun? I'd love to hear fun ways your family incorporates reading into your day.

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