Read With Passion

Read With Passion
I love children's books! This is no secret as you may have gathered if you've browsed through this website.

It's probably no surprise, therefore, that story time in our house is something I look forward to ... especially when there's a pile of intriguing books to look at.

The question is ...

How do we inspire a love of reading in our children?

Actually, in most cases, the answer is very simple: read with passion!

Often, when parents are enthusiastic about something, children pick up on the same enthusiasm. This is especially true of reading.

There are days when I've declared, "Time for a story" and my boys have responded with anything else but enthusiasm. (Sorry to disillusion you if you thought our house was a home full of 100% enthusiastic readers all the time! :o

However, a couple of minutes after we've sat down and started to read together (or should I say, I've started reading and they've started listening!), all grumbles, about having to leave the Lego in the other room, have disappeared.

What made the difference? Someone read with passion!

Stories come alive and entice readers into them when read by someone who is passionately reading them.

I've found the secret to being passionate lies in the story itself. I try to choose books on topics I know my boys will enjoy (hence there aren't too many princess stories in our house). But more than that, I look for books I'll enjoy as well.

It's difficult to be 'bored' when you're enjoying a book yourself. Great books make passionate reading easy.

I'm so thankful for our local library which provides such a rich variety of books ... and so many of them! The library certainly makes it easier to find great books which we can read with passion.

Are you reading any children's books at the moment which you are passionate about? I'd love to hear your experiences.

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