7 Easy Steps to Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

If you've ever seen a rainbow wind mobile twisting in the breeze, you'll know how enchanting the continuously changing shapes can be.

As we've been looking at different types of wind toys (e.g., pinwheels
and kites), we thought we'd see if we could make our own rainbow wind mobile.

(If there's a different name for these, please tell me as I sure can't think of anything else to name it).

Materials Needed to Make a Rainbow Wind Mobile
Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

  • 200 coloured craft sticks with a hole drilled in the centre of each
  • Dental floss (or another sort of thread that is thick and durable)
    a large needle

  • Some large beads (we used 5 in total).

How To Make a Rainbow Wind Mobile

    1. Drill a hole in the centre of each craft stick.

    My wood work skills are practically non-existent but I managed to do this with ease. I measured one craft stick to find the centre and then used it as a template for the other 199 sticks which were drilled in batches together.

    The hole was just big enough to thread a needle through easily.

    2. Thread a long length of dental floss through one large bead and position the bead so that it is in the middle of the dental floss.
    Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

    3. Bring the two ends of the dental floss together and thread them through the needle so that the thread is now two ply thick.
    Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

    4. Thread the paddle pop sticks onto the thread by pushing the needle through the holes previously drilled in the centre of the sticks. We threaded 10 sticks of each colour before moving to the next colour. However, you could do it in any colour combination that you wanted.
    Make A Rainbow Wind Mobile

    5. Once all the craft sticks have been threaded on, thread on the last of the beads. While we used 4, you could use as many as you want. We found out later that the beads help weigh down the top craft sticks. The craft sticks at the bottom of the mobile are held secure by the weight of the sticks above them.

    6. Tie the threads together and hang up your rainbow wind mobile up.

    7. Rearrange the craft sticks so they form a twisting pattern. Now enjoy the gentle motion of your mobile as it twists and turns in the breeze.

We find our rainbow wind mobile moves even with a very light breeze .... or a boy blowing on it!

This activity can been used to promote:

  • Eye hand coordination (threading the needle through the holes)
  • Maths (sequencing colours, repeating patterns, counting out the correct number of craft sticks).

We started with 200 coloured craft sticks and drilled a small hole through the centre of each one.

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