Rainbow Cupcakes

Today we made the most delicious rainbow cupcakes.

Rainbow Cupcakes

The cupcakes were inspired by a book we'd just finished reading,

Happy Birthday Winnie

In the story, Winnie whips up a magnificient multicoloured birthday cake which looks ever so scrumptious!

Okay, our rainbow coloured cupcakes may not be multilayered like Winnie's birthday cake, but they certainly are colourful.

The recipe is actually very easy to follow and was found at Rainbow Cupcakes

Here's a simplified written version of the recipe which we found worked well with children.

Recipe for Rainbow Cupcakes

    Cream together:
    * 125 grams castor sugar
    * 125 grams butter

    Add 2 eggs

    Add 125 grams self-raising flour

    Add 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

    Add 3 tablespoons milk (1 spoonful at a time)

    Divide mixture into 6 bowls

    Add food colouring

    Bake 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius

Rainbow Cupcakes

We stuck the recipe (hooray for sticky tape) to the wall tiles at the back of the bench. In this way, the boys could read the recipe for themselves.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Operating the mixer was a popular activity, along with breaking the eggs.

I love the way the boys are able to take on more responsibilities for tasks as they are growing up. Although, having said that, the boys are growing up way too fast for my liking!!!

Once the mixture was completed and taste tested (are the beaters popular in your house?) ...

Rainbow Cupcakes

... we divided it into six bowls.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Note: This recipe would be better doubled. I found that there wasn't a great deal of cake mixture which made the layering process fiddly later on.

(I ended up layering the mixture into the muffin tin for two reasons: one, it was fiddly, and two, the boys were busy making their own concoctions in the kitchen with flour and food colouring, etc. But that's another story.)

We ended up with a rainbow of colours

Rainbow Cupcakes

... which turned into rainbow cupcakes.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Please forgive the runny icing which should have been made thicker and not put on warm cupcakes. However, there was a sense of urgency to our situation as the boys had arranged a teddy bears picnic in the front yard and the cupcakes were needed ASAP. :o

Rainbow Cupcakes

These cupcakes actually tasted really good - light, fluffy and moist.

I confess, however, that it was a bit bizarre eating something so strongly coloured. Before eating them, I had to remind myself that they were real cupcakes and not made of brightly coloured playdough only because I'm not used to eating something so "rainbowy". They were delicious!

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