Race Track Additions

Race Track Additions

Race Track Additions is a non-competitive game which is easy to set up and is great for encouraging children to add.

No. of Players Needed

The game can be played with just one person, or a couple working together as a team.

The Objective of the Race Track Additions

... is to move the cars along the track according to the numbers rolled on the dice. Which car will make it to the finish line first? To do this, children need to add the two numbers on the dice.

Preparing for Race Track Additions

Draw a race track on a long piece of paper

Firstly, we put a long piece of paper on the table. An old roll of fax paper proved perfect for this.

Next, it was time to draw two race tracks on it - each with the same number of divisions. As you can see, this wasn't a fancy race track by any means but it was effective.

After we collected two cars and two dice, we were ready to play.

To Play Race Track Additions

Roll the dice and move a car

Roll the dice, add the numbers together and move the first car the appropriate number of spaces along the race track.

Repeat the above step for the second car.

Continue in this manner until the first car reaches the finish line.

Race track tally marks

To extend the game, we made up a small table to record how many times each car won a race. By doing this, the game was played over and over and the concept of tally marks was introduced as well.

This was a really easy game to set up, play and clean up. But the reason I liked it was because it had the boys refining their addition skills, as well as using prediction (which car do you think will win?), and record keeping (tally marks).

I'm sure you could expand on this game using more paper and twists and turns. We'll have to try this as well.

Let us know if you play this game. We'd love to hear how your children enjoy it or how you modify it to suit your needs.

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