Children and A Power Tool

Did you know that you can screw screws into a thick cardboard box? I didn't until recently.

Children using power tools

It turns out that using a cardboard box is perfect if you're learning to use an electric power tool such as a drill.

Recently, Daddy had to go to the hardware store (which, by the way, is a fantastic place for finding all sorts of things which can be used for educational experiences) and he returned with a power tool for the boys - their own drill.

To say the boys were happy is an understatement.

Armed with a power tool, they needed something to drill straight away. After all, what's the point of having a power tool if you can't use it.

The solution was a cardboard box.

First they drilled holes through the box.

Children using power tools

Next they screwed in screws.

Children using power tools

Then switched into reverse and unscrewed the screws.

As we had just shifted house, things were still in the organising stages. Thankfully, the boys bunk beds still needed assembling.

Children using power tools

This provided a practical job to do with their new power tool.

Children using power tools

Hmmmm .... seems like only yesterday the boys were babies needing everything done for them. Now they're using their own power tools and assembling furniture! Where has the time gone?

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