A Sneak Peek at Platypus

Guess what? There's a new book on the story board and this one's about a platypus.

A Maths Snack
It's so new, this story doesn't even have a title. So, for now, it's just referred to as "Playtpus". Okay ... that's not very original but it is practical from a file-saving-perspective.

I always enjoy the adventure of starting a new book full of new characters. Each character needs to be developed and details added. Hopefully, the end results allow readers to feel like they know the characters' personalities.

As for this platypus, he's a charming little fellow - bright, happy, cooperative (well, maybe) and he definitely knows his own mind. Let's just say he doesn't conform to the way most people think a platypus ought to behave.

So what do you think? Do you like him?

What's that? You want to know why he's wearing a tutu? I can't tell you that! Well at least, not today. If I let all the secrets out of the bag at once, you might not come back to find out more! :o

Have a great day.

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