Pirate Ship Reading Record Chart

It's time for new reading record charts for the boys to use.

Each time we read a book, we mark off another spot (usually with a sticker) on the chart. When the chart is completely full, there's a special reward.

What's the reward? Hmmm ... that depends what I've got lurking in the cupboard. The boys like tangible rewards these days (e.g., a new craft project, extra time before bed, or something else of interest) as opposed to a big sloppy kiss and a gigantic bear hug from Mum. I wonder why!

Pirate Ship Reading Record Chart

Anyway, this time, I've decided to get a bit more creative with reading record chart. Instead of making up a standard square chart with boxes to fill up with stickers, we're going with a pirate theme this time.

When a book's been read, a number will be coloured in along the ship's body.

The idea is to provide both motivation and reward for a job well done. In the process, we get to enjoy many great books as well.

If you'd like a copy of this Pirate Ship Reading Record Chart, please feel free to download it from here:

You can record your child's name on the line drawn on the main sail.

By the way, Daniel did his own pirate ship ...

Pirate Ship

I really like his because he's actually got pirates! Hmm ... next time maybe they can draw and create their own reading records to complete.

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