Pirate Ship Grid Game

The Pirate Ship Grid Game

We've been using our box of cornflakes, again, to play another game: The Pirate Ship Grid Game.

The Pirate Ship Grid Game is really easy and quick to set up. It's great for introducing children to the mathematical skill of reading and using grids.

The Objective of the Pirate Ship Grid Game

For one player to locate the position of another player's pirate ship by asking if the ship is positioned at different grid coordinates.

How to Play the Pirate Ship Grid Game

Give each player a Pirate Ship Grid: which you can download and print for free.

The Pirate Ship Grid Game

Place a divider between the players so they cannot see each other's grids. A box of cornflakes works really well (with the cornflakes inside to weigh it down).

The Pirate Ship Grid Game

Encourage Player One to draw a pirate ship on their grid. The ship needs to be three squares long and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. (Note: in this case, two pirate ships were drawn on the grid).

Player Two must now try and work out where Player One's pirate ship is located by calling out different grid coordinates.

After Player Two has given one set of coordinates, Player One must provide feedback to say whether the coordinate given is or is not the location of the pirate ship. Player One offers one of two replies:

  • "Splash" (meaning: "no - you've missed the target and hit the water")
  • "Ship Ahoy" (meaning: "yes - you've identified one of the coordinates at which my ship is located").

The Pirate Ship Grid Game

To keep a record of which coordinates Player Two has tried, he/she needs to colour each grid:

  • Blue: if the answer was "splash" (meaning the ship was not located)
  • Brown: if the answer was "ship ahoy" (meaning the ship's location was found).

The game ends when Player Two has identified all three boxes which Player One selected at the beginning of the game.

The game is then repeated so that the players change roles.

This would be a good game to play in waiting rooms or at other quiet times.

We hope you enjoy playing this game with your child/children.

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