Pirate Maps For Kids

If you have pirates in your family or class, here's an idea to extend their play: pirate maps for kids!
Pirate Maps
Give them some real maps. No, not real pirate treasure maps ... but the sort of maps that you can get from tourist information centres.

I came across a couple during a recent clean out and gave them to the boys. The maps were an instant hit.

When David couldn't find a large "X" to mark the spot where the treasure is buried, he fixed the problem in a jiffy with the aid of a red pen.
Pirate Maps
On closer examination, we did discover that there were small red "x's" on the map. They marked the location of the hospitals. This is definitely good information to know about in case you get hurt while fighting the pirates!

Another great way to get children reading is to give them maps of your local area when you're in the car. It doesn't really matter if they can't read the map as they'll have fun giving you directions.

This is also a great way to get in some 'left' and 'right' practice!

When the boys are giving directions, I often pretend I don't know where I'm going and they have to be responsible for getting us there. This involves encouraging them to give specific instructions, such as 'go straight ahead' or 'turn left when we get to the goats'.

The good thing about living on an island is that it doesn't take too long to run out of roads if you go in the wrong direction.

As for stories for pirates to read ... there are a heap of them. Here are some pirate stories which we've enjoyed recently:

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