Pebble Sight Words Game

Today we tried a new game which focuses on sight words which we called the Pebble Sight Words Game.
Pebble Sight Words


For each player to engage in reading while playing and enjoying a game in which he/she places all of his pebbles on the sight words.

Materials Required:

  • Sight word cards (we used 8 cards as we were focusing on these eight words)
  • Pebbles for each child (in this case we used 16 pebbles for each child).

How to Play Pebble Sight Words

    Introduce the sight words in a fun way. For example, hide words behind your back and bring out different words at different times for children to read. Play the game up a bit so that everyone is enjoying it - pull out cards upside down, or the same card twice, etc.

    Give each child the same number of pebbles.

    Players take turns.

    The caller (the adult) calls out one of the words and the first player attempts to read the word. If the word is read correctly, the player places one of his/her pebbles on the word. If the word is read incorrectly, the player's turn finishes.

    The caller then reads out the next word for the next player.

    Play continues until the one of the players has deposited all of his/her pebbles on the words.

    Extensions for Pebble Sight Words

    • Swap roles. Encourage children to take on the role of the caller. This is another way to get children reading while still playing the game.
    • Pebble Sight Words
      Pebble Sight Words

    • The boys made their own alteration to the game. The pretend their favourite soft-toys (well, their favourites for that day) played on their behalf. The pretend play with teddies and puppets, added a new dimension which captured the boys' interest.

    Sight word games are great for encouraging children to learn new words while playing a game ... and having fun!

    At the end of the game, David decided to make pictures out of the pebbles. He created an arrow and a flower.
    Pebble Sight Words
    Pebble Sight Words
    The games children develop on their own also have great value ... and they're heaps of fun.

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