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Why we ask? You know who Susan is and we like to know who we are letting inside our place.
If you don't want to share your surname with us, we respect your choice but we need to maintain
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Spammers generally try to hide their identity so this considered we won't create an anonymous account.

We pay particular attention to non-school email addresses.

An account will not be created with names like V or Ms or Miss as a name.
If you choose to continue the application which will be reviewed by a person taking time,
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Your surname is only between you and us - we don't display, sell or give your name or email to anyone.
Part of our effort to protect your details and provide the free educational info is to refuse access
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even if that costs us some potential followers/customers.

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Email addresses are not displayed and should not be entered as user names.

Recent applications

Recent applications for accounts that have failed for some reason:

Name Date Reason
Leti.. from Br.. NY 22nd May AOL will not accept delivery of this message.
Kristy.. from Andover, MA 30th May The email address failed: retry timeout exceeded.
Jennifer.. from Cli.., OH 11th June AOL will not accept delivery of this message.

If you name is listed and you want an account established you will need to contact us,
if there is a problem with the email address used for the account, the account was deleted.
If we receive a message that email is rejected, we likely can't contact you.

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Temp Emails

Applications for accounts using temporary email addresses like janeDoe@throwawaymail.fiz will be deleted
without reply and the user's IP permanently blocked. We don't have time to waste. Temporary emails like:
@ mailinator, toiea, guerrilla, 10-20minutemail, tempemail, emailexpire, filzmail,

SPAM email addresses will be rejected (i.e.: - etc
or any other crazycrazyname.LOL.355526@...)
If found in existing accounts the account will be deleted without comment or notice.

Materials Available

A free member's account gives access to some printable materials such as teaching aids and book related projects.
A free member's account does not give free access to all of Susan's books.
Some teaching situations for children with special needs after hours childcare etc,
may get you an App Store coupon or two, but essentially the books are for sale.

Manual Account Creation by us

Due to repeated abuse of the website, self registration for a user account is not available.
Membership is by invitation only and is reviewed manually by a person.
IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC - its is done by a person and may not be done today or even tomorrow.