Nerf Gun Multiplication Game

Nerf Gun Multiplication is a fun game which encourages players to recall their times tables, as well as to use addition. Best of all, it’s fun!
Nerf Gun Multiplication
Years ago, we used Nerf guns for the purpose of addition alone. Today, however, it was time to step things up a notch or two and use multiplication.

Nerf Gun Multiplication is Quick and Simple to Prepare

All you need to play Nerf Gun Multiplication is:

  • A Nerf Gun and foam bullets (of course)
  • And some targets with numbers clearly printed on them. We only used the numbers 2 through to 12 as we didn’t really want to revisit the ones times table.

Nerf Gun Multiplication - numbered targets

After writing numbers on paper and taping the paper to the blocks, we were ready to set up.

Nerf Gun Multiplication set up in the hallway

We found a hallway works perfectly for this game. The confined area stops the foam bullets from bouncing all over the house and makes collecting them quick and easy. Apart from that, the hallway provided a safe area to shoot Nerf bullets … although play had to be suspended when anyone wanted access to any rooms leading off the hall.

In hindsight, I should have put up a sign saying, Caution, mathematicians at work in the hall however I don’t know if anyone would have believed me. After all, shooting Nerf Guns doesn’t really sound like it has anything to do with maths, does it?

Hallway Closed Mathematicians at Work

The Objective of Nerf Gun Multiplication

... is to gain the most points by the end of the game.

How to Play Nerf Gun Multiplication

Each player takes a turn to shoot at the numbered targets until they’ve knocked down 2 targets. (This is surprisingly hard to do as Nerf Guns aren’t that accurate ... well, I found it difficult anyway!)

Multiply the numbers written on the fallen targets

Once a player has knocked over 2 targets, the numbers are multiplied together and the resulting sum is the player’s score for that round. The number is then recorded and play passes to the next player.

Players record their score

Play continues until an agreed total is reached (e.g., 1000 points) or until everyone’s had enough.

I love the way keeping an ongoing score has players using addition as well as multiplication!

That's all there is to Nerf Gun Multiplication. It sounds easy because it is ... however, this doesn't diminish the 'fun' aspect to the game. A multiplication game that's fun, easy to set up and clear away ... that's definitely something worth trying!

I hope your shooting skills are better than mine. Let's just say that in order for me to knock over two targets, I used an entire container of foam bullets!

Do you have a favourite game which encourages children to use multiplication? I'd love to hear about. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or on this post.

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