Need a New Perspective

A New Perspective

Sometimes we all need to stop and gain a new perspective on life. With the pressures and routines of everyday life, it's easy to rush through the day and miss the wonders which lay all around us.

Children often see things which we take for granted. So if you want a new perspective on life, one filled with wonder and the joy of discovery, spend some time with a child and see the world through their eyes.

Maybe you'll discover again:

  • the pleasure of watching a busy ant scramble here and there,
  • the wonders of the shapes hidden in clouds floating overhead,
  • the magic of a spider weaving a web,
  • the dance of leaves swaying in the wind,
  • the rhythmic movements of a fat caterpillar steadily munching down a leaf.

Tell us ... what have you discovered today by observing the world with your child?

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