Nature Nurtures Children’s Reading Skills

It's true: nature nurtures children's reading skills. I can hear you asking, how? What am I raving on about?

Nurture children's reading skills: explore nature!

The answer lies in the fact that when children are exploring nature, they refine and strengthen skills which are needed for reading, including:

  • visual discrimination
  • spatial awareness
  • attention span.

Getting out in nature also lowers stress levels and allows children to concentrate more, especially when they're fascinated by what they're exploring!

So the next time your child is out searching for camouflaged creatures, observing shapes and patterns in the environment or watching something as small as ants scurrying here and there, remember they're refining skills which they need for reading.

Oh ... and you could also take a blanket and a bag of books and have an outdoor reading session. That's a great place to read books!

Do you love reading with children outdoors? I'd love to hear about your experiences. You're welcome to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

In the meantime, enjoy reading with your child, outdoors! :o

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