Multiplication Kaboom

Multiplication Kaboom is a game we’ve been planning for ages so we can definitely say it’s ‘tried and true!’

Multiplication Kaboom

Multiplication Kaboom is a great way to encourage children to recall multiplication facts quickly. The game is fast moving which keeps everyone hopping along and on their toes - just what’s needed to maintain interest and recall multiplication facts with speed.

One of the great things about Multiplication Kaboom is that it’s a really easy game to make up. Better still, it’s inexpensive. Quick, easy, inexpensive, effective, fun! What more could we ask for?! :)

Materials Required for Multiplication Kaboom

Materials Required for Multiplication Kaboom
... are very simple. All you need are:

  • Wide craft sticks
  • 2 x permanent markers (different colours)
  • A non-see-through container to hold the sticks
  • A timer (optional)

Creating Multiplication Kaboom Game Pieces

... is a piece of cake.

Write one multiplication fact on each craft stick

Firstly, write the multiplication facts on the craft sticks. Each stick is assigned one multiplication fact.

Note: write each multiplication fact on the same end for each stick. When the sticks are placed into the container, the writing ends must go in first. This will ensure that all writing is hidden at the bottom of the container so players can’t see the writing. If players can see the writing, they’ll know which sticks to choose and which to leave alone!

Write Kaboom in red ink on several craft sticks

Secondly, using a red pen write the word "Kaboom" on several sticks. We used 7 but you can add as many 'Kabooms' as you like. The more Kaboom sticks placed in the tin, the more chances one will be pulled out.

Place all craft sticks into a tall container

Finally, put all the sticks (writing side first so the writing is hidden) into a tall container. It's important to make sure that the sides of the container cannot be seen through as this will allow players to choose which sticks they want to pull out and that is definitely NOT the idea! :)

Done that? Now you’re ready to play. Let the fun begin!

The Objective of Multiplication Kaboom

... is to collect as many craft sticks as possible, by completing the multiplication facts correctly, before the game finishes.

How to Play Multiplication Kaboom

The first player takes a turn to draw out one craft stick at a time, read the multiplication fact written on it and recall the answer. If the multiplication fact is completed correctly, the player keeps the stick. If not, the stick goes back into the tin. Play then passes to the next player.

Play continues with each player taking a turn to draw out a craft stick.

If a player draws a “Kaboom” stick, he/she must put ALL of his/her craft sticks collected so far back into the tin and start collecting again during their next turn.

While this may seem drastic, it’s okay. The game moves fast and before too much time has passed, the collection of sticks grows again.

The fun of this game lies in the fact that you never know when the whole game is going to ‘explode’ with a Kaboom stick and your hard-earned treasure pile of craft sticks is disintegrated back into the container.

The trick is to keep the game moving as quickly as possible.

How Does Multiplication Kaboom End?

The game can end in one of three ways:

  • When you’ve run out of time to play
  • Everyone’s had enough for the moment
  • The timer has run out. We enjoy using a timer as it adds suspense and urgency.

Okay, that’s about all there is to Multiplication Kaboom. Have a great time playing! We’d love to hear how you enjoy the game. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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