Multiplication Dice Game: Multiplication 500

We've been learning our multiplication tables which is why this post is about a multiplication dice game.

A Multiplication Dice Game

I confess that learning multiplication tables hasn't been a task that my boys have warmed to quickly ... probably because their teacher (i.e., me) hadn't yet come up with a fun way to learn the tables!

As children (and adults) learn best through play, it was time for a game which is how this multiplication dice game came into play.

Multiplication 500 is a multiplication dice game which has children using both multiplication and addition as they compete against each other.

Objective of this Multiplication Dice Game

Players need to keep a running total of their scores in an effort to be the first person to reach the total of 500.

Materials for this Multiplication Dice Game

  • 2 dice
  • paper & pencil (or whiteboard, pens & eraser)

How to Play this Multiplication Dice Game

To begin, choose one times table to focus on (e.g., 3 times table, 4 times table, etc.).

For the purposes of this post, we'll focus on the 4 times table.

Add numbers from dice and then multiply the total by 4

Player 1 rolls two dice and adds together the numbers on the face of the dice. The resulting sum is then multiplied by 4 (because that's the particular times table being focused on).

In this example, the numbers from the dice are added together: 6+5=11

11 is then times by 4: 11x4=44

Player 1 writes score from this round of the multiplication dice game under his/her name

The total for Player 1, for this round, is therefore 44. Player 1 writes 44 under his/her name.

Player 2 now has a turn, repeating the process of rolling the dice, adding the numbers on the face of the dice together and then multiplying the total by 4. The resulting number is then written under Player 2's name.

Player 1 writes score from this round of the multiplication dice game under his/her name

Each time the players take a turn, they repeat the process, adding the value of the dice, multiplying by 4, and then adding the resulting number to their running total.

Erase previous working and keep running totals of scores

We found it easier to keep the score board clean by erasing any workings from previous rounds and keeping the running total on the board only. Also, we tried to do the additions in our heads.

Continue adding to the running score after each turn

Play continues, with each player taking turns. The first player to reach 500 is the winner.

Hint: to get the boys doing more multiplication and addition, I got them to help me work out my scores when it was my turn just to make sure I got it right. In this way, they were doing extra multiplication and addition. No sense having them just sit there while I did the work! :o

The boys actually ask to play this game so I'm classifying it as a success. :o

Do you have a favourite game which strengthens multiplication skills? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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