Multiplication Battleship

Multiplication Battleship

Multiplication Battleship is a fantastic game to get the brain going. It requires players to use:

  • problem-solving
  • strategic thinking
  • recollection of multiplication facts as well as
  • fine motor skills.

What's more, it's fun!

Multiplication Battleship

The Objective of Multiplication Battleship

... is for players to locate their opponent's ships by using coordinates (x & y-axis).

Materials Needed for Multiplication Battleship

Multiplication Battleship Printable Game Sheets

To play Multiplication Battleship, you'll need:

  • two printed game forms per player. You're welcome to download them from here.
  • lead pencil (to draw ships)
  • red pencil (to record location 'hits')
  • blue pencil (to record 'misses')
  • a divider.

Create a divider so players cannot see each others' work

A game divider needs to be placed between players so that neither can see the game sheets of their opponent. The idea to is work out where the opponent's ships are using a process of elimination. Therefore, players cannot look at each other's game sheets.

Create a divider so players cannot see each others' work

We made our divider simply by propping a small whiteboard upright using wooden building blocks. Simply but effective!

Preparing for Multiplication Battleship

Players draw their own battleships

Players begin by drawing their battleships on their blue grid. Our boys really enjoyed this part of the preparation as it involved drawing ships with as many details as they liked. One drew battleships from a side view while the other drew them from a birds-eye-view.

Players draw their own battleships

Each player needs to draw four ships, each of varying lengths:

  • one ship = 2 grid squares long
  • one ship = 3 grid squares long
  • one ship = 4 grid squares long
  • one ship = 5 grid squares long

Players draw different sized battleships

Once the battleships have been drawn, the blue playing sheet is set to one side to be referred to during play. The green playing sheet is used to record all attempts at finding the opponent's ships.

Players need two games sheets each to play Multiplication Battleship

How to Play Multiplication Battleship

Players take turns to call out different coordinates in an attempt to locate their opponent's ship. This involves reading one coordinate from the x-axis and another from the y-axis.

Players must read coordinates using the x-axis and y-axis

The x-axis runs horizontally across the page. To help players remember which is the x-axis, this may help ... The x-axis runs across the page because 'x' is the shape of a cross.

The number of the x-axis is called first before the y-axis
When calling out the coordinates, the number on the x-axis always goes first, followed by the number on the y-axis.

Players must complete and write the multiplcation fact, in the appropriate coordinate square, before asking for confirmation of a 'find' or a 'miss' from their opponent.

Players complete and write the multiplication fact

Once a player has called out the coordinates, his/her opponent declares whether the coordinate is a 'hit' (i.e., their ship is located at that particular coordinate) or a 'miss' (their ship is not at that coordinate).

Players mark finds with red pencil and misses with blue

The player marks (on their green playing sheet) whether they coordinate was a 'hit' (by colouring the square with a red pen) or a miss (by colouring the square with a blue pen).

Play now moves to the next player who repeats the process of:

  • completing the multiplication fact
  • calling out the coordinates
  • marking 'hit' or 'miss' by colouring the square red or blue.

The Winner of the Multiplication Battleship ....

... is the player who correctly locates all of their opponent's ships first.

We greatly enjoyed playing this game. I loved the fact that it utilized multiplication skills in a strategic game. It really got the brain cells bustling!

We'd love to hear how you enjoy playing Multiplication Battleship. You're welcome to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

Don't forget, you can download the free Multiplication Battleship playing sheets from here.

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