Mouse House Sight Words

Mouse House Sight Words is another really simple game to set up but one which gets children both reading sight words and moving!

Mouse House Sight Words

For those among us who aren't particularly fond of little furry cheese lovers with four legs and long tails, be assured, there are no real mice involved!

The Aim of Mouse House Sight Words

... is for the children to read the words over each mouse hole after they've rolled a mouse (otherwise known as a ping-pong ball :o ) through it.

Materials Needed for Mouse House Sight Words

  • A piece of cardboard (We used a recycled box)
  • A trestle ... or chair ... or something else that you have which will help to support the cardboard sheet
  • Ping-pong balls
  • A permanent marker (to turn the ping-pong balls into mice)
  • Towels (to act as barriers)
  • Short lengths of pool noodles (optional - can be used like golf-sticks).

Preparation for Mouse House Sight Words

The preparation for the Mouse House Sight Words game is very simple:

    Transform ping-pong balls into mice

  • Transform the ping-pong balls into mice by drawing two eyes, some whiskers and a couple of ears.
  • Cut mouse house archways

  • Cut arches out of the bottom of the cardboard sheet to represent mice holes ... or mouse houses. Ensure the arches are big enough to allow the mice to roll through easily.
  • Write one sight word above each mouse house.
  • Support the cardboard with a chair or table or trestle

  • Tape the cardboard to a chair, table or trestle so that the cardboard stands upright.
  • Rolled towels act as barriers

  • Roll up towels and lay down each side of the game area. Roll another towel up and place it behind the mouse houses. The towels act as barriers and stop the mice from rolling away.

To play Mouse House Sight Words

Players take turns to roll their mice along the ground, aiming to get their mice through the mouse holes at the other end of the game area. We drew a chalk line on the ground so the children knew where to stand.

Time to play Mouse House Sight Words

At first, we played the game by attempting to push the mice along with a pool noodle. This worked okay but the kids preferred to get down low and bowl the mice with their hands.

Encourage each player to read the word over the mouse hole when a mouse goes through.

Alternatively, give the players a word so they must firstly find it and then secondly aim for it.

The beauty of this game is that it has children actively moving while learning to read. It's a fun way to learn sight words.

Do you have a favourite game which focuses on learning sight words? We'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post or on our facebook page.

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