Mother’s Day Drawing Prompts

Mother's Day drawing prompts are a great way to inspire children to create a special gift for Mother's Day. They're inexpensive to create but may well become treasured as children create them especially for Mum!

Mother's Day Drawing Prompts

On a Personal Note ...

Ever since our boys were little, I’ve loved watching their drawing skills develop. Even their early “scribbles” were treasured. It’s probably no surprise, therefore, that I’d love to receive a drawing from my youngsters for Mother’s Day … a drawing that they’ve created themselves especially for me! What a treat! (Hint, hint, boys! :o )

Mother's Day Drawing Prompts Provide Support for Hesitant Artists

For many children (and adults as well), looking at a blank piece of paper can be a bit daunting. Yes, they want to draw a special picture for Mum but the question is often asked, “What should I draw?” Maybe it’s the equivalent of writer’s block! Is there such a thing as artist’s block?

Anyway, over the years I’ve discovered that drawing prompts quickly inspire children to draw. These Mother’s Day drawing prompts have been designed specifically for this purpose … to get children started on creating a special Mother’s Day drawing.

Mother’s Day Drawing Prompt No. 1 – Draw a garden

Flowers are a traditional gift for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Drawing Prompts: Draw A Garden

Working with this theme, the first drawing prompt inspires children to draw their own unique garden for Mum. There’s no right or wrong way to draw the flowers. It’s up to the artist to create blooms in whatever shape, size or colour they want to.

Mother’s Day Drawing Prompt No. 2 – Draw a cake

Mother's Day Drawing Prompts: Draw A Cake

It’s time to get creative and design a cake. The cake can be of any shape, size or colour. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Perhaps the tray could even be filled with cupcakes stacked high, a layered cake or even a cake made up of different shapes balanced together. Maybe the cake could be created with collage by cutting pictures from a magazine and then adding some extra drawn features with a pen.

Mother’s Day Drawing Prompt No. 3 – Mum and Me!

The third prompt gives children the opportunity to create drawings of themselves with Mum doing their favourite things together inside different picture frames.

Mother's Day Drawing Prompts: Mum and Me

I think this drawing prompt is the one I'd enjoy receiving the most as I love it when my children draw, from the their perspective, us engaging in activites where we’re both enjoying each other’s company (e.g., walking in the park, playing ball, etc.). There's something very intimate about such drawings.

You’re most welcome to print these Mother's Day drawing prompts for the children in your care to use. The Mother’s Day drawing prompts can be downloaded from here:

Mother's Day Drawing Prompt No. 1: Draw a garden .

Mother's Day Drawing Prompt No. 2: Draw a cake .

Mother's Day Drawing Prompt No. 3: Mum and Me .

Which Mother's Day Drawing Prompt is your favourite and the one you'd enjoy receiving?

We hope your child will enjoy these drawing prompts. We’d love to see what he/she creates. Feel free to leave a photo or a comment on our facebook page or on this post.

Have a great Mother’s Day!

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