Menus for Hens

Farmer Blake and Sneaky SnakeToday we created our own "Menus for Hens" so Farmer Blake would know what to feed his hens.

Menus for Hens is an extension activity for the story, Farmer Blake and Sneaky Snake.

In the story, Farmer Blake feeds his hens a different type of food each day. Some is definitely good, but some probably isn't so appropriate.

We think Farmer Blake needs some help as everyone knows that hens don't eat ice-cream. Well, at least we don't think hens do.

Write A Menu for Farmer Blake

To begin this activity, each child was given a large sheet of paper which was divided into seven sections - one for each day of the week.

Write A Menu for Farmer Blake

They then had the choice of looking through advertising material from supermarkets and cutting and pasting pictures of food for each day.

Write A Menu for Farmer Blake

Our 4 yr old opted for drawing his chicken food. After that, he was off on another adventure somewhere else in the house ... one that involved hunting down bugs!

I'm a big believer in making activities fit the abilities of children. When you have one activity, it's often possible to change it slightly to fit different capabilities. This is what happened for our older son.

To extend the activity for Daniel, we added in some maths. A budget of $10 per day was set to spend on the hens.

Write A Menu for Farmer Blake

He needed to round the price, shown in the advertising material, up to the closest dollar. Next it was time to write a number sentence based on the prices of the food he'd chosen.

Write A Menu for Farmer Blake

We used our home-made abacus to help work out how much had been spent and how much was left to spend for each day.

By participating in this activity, children:

  • Revisit the days of the week
  • Write the days of the week (if they are able and at the stage of writing)
  • Exercise fine muscle control by cutting, pasting, writing or drawing
  • Make decisions about which foods to draw or paste
  • Write numbers and construct number sentences
  • Use simple addition and subtraction
  • Use an abacus or other mathematic supports

By the end of the project, we had two different menus completed in different ways.

Farmer Blake should have no excuse now not to feed his hens some good health chook food ... well that is if you consider muffins, coca-cola, corn thins and cheese (as well as peas, potatoes, corn and lettuce) good food for hens.

Hmmm ... next project ... researching what hens actually eat! :o

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