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Q. Will there be lots of emails ?
A. No.
If we ever do, we will be concious of disturbing your peace and will respect your privacy at all times. Your email address: unless directed by a court of law, your email address will be given to no-one.

If we do ever send you a email, and you want to stop receiving non-administrative emails, simply send us an email from your account address with Stories and Children - Unsubscribe as the subject.
If you maintain an account at Stories and Children, you may still receive administrative emails.
To close your account, simply send us an email from your account address with Stories and Children - Close Account as the subject - include account name, account holder's name and email address in the body. If we receive such a request, we will confirm via the account email this is a valid request and then carry out the instructions. Free subscribers may delete their own account. Other users who have made a purchase will need to request account closure so that we can record your purchase details else-where.

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