Marshmallow Building

Marshmallow building is a delicious activity that involves creative, art, maths and science! As for the end product ... you can eat it! What more could you want!

Building with Marshmallows

Reasons why this activity is great:

  • It's really easy to prepare and clean up.
  • It's relative cheap - no expensive equipment or materials needed.
  • It allows children to build and explore with 3 dimensional shapes
  • It encourages children to use fine motor skills (fingers and hands) and strengthens hand-eye coordination
  • It fosters problem-solving and creative thinking
  • It allows children to explore balance and structural integrity
  • It involves play with geometric shapes
  • It's heaps of fun and tastes great!

Reasons why this activity is NOT so great:

  • There's a distinct possibility that the art materials will be eaten ... especially if your prone to eating marshmallows.

Materials required

  • Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks

Note: we've found the best marshmallows for this activity are the firmer ones ... which we've also found to be the home-brand, or cheaper variety.

Softer marshmallows tend to be harder to work with, often resulting in "floppy" buildings or sculptures.
Building with Marshmallows

How to Build With Marshmallows
Building with Marshmallows

Building with marshmallows is very simple. Start by inserting a toothpick into a marshmallow.
Building with Marshmallows

Add on more marshmallows with more toothpicks. Or is it more toothpicks with more marshmallows? Either way, the result is the same.

Keep on building.
Building with Marshmallows

How many layers can you build? What can you do to stabilise your structure? Which shapes are more stable (Squares? Triangles? Octogans?)

Building with Marshmallows

The boys made buildings and space craft. The creations are really limited only by your imagination.

Did any get eaten along the way? Well, yes ... but mostly by Mum!

What Happens When You Microwave a Marshmallow?

Once we'd finished building, the boys were extremely to microwave one as they'd seen from previous experience that doing this changes the size of the marshmallows.

Building with Marshmallows

Unfortunately, my photography skills weren't quick enough to catch the marshmallow at it's largest when it first came out of the microwave, but hopefully you'll get the gist from this photo.

Building with Marshmallows

Microwaving the marshmallow also changed it's consistency ... something that the boys were eager to explore.

Caution: melted marshmallows are very hot so allow to cool for a few seconds before small fingers test it out.

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