Making Trolls with Construction Paper

Making trolls with construction paper was so much fun!
Construction Paper Troll
I recently read a quote:

"The opposite of play is not work. It's depression!"
(Brian Sutton-Smith, Contemporary American Folklorist).

This was my excuse to join in the play myself. Who said play is just for children?

Actually, I find when I join in art activities, the boys are more engaged and extend themselves further to try new things than if I left them to their own devices.

But I digress ... back to the topic at hand ... trolls.

We brought out the glue and the construction paper with the goal in mind of creating pictures of trolls.
Construction Paper Troll

We experimented with both cutting the paper with scissors as well as simply tearing the paper.

By accident, we discovered that we could make new dimensions by only sticking one end of paper down. This worked really well for features such as hair and arms. The end result was somewhat 3 dimensional.

The thing I loved most about this activity is that it allowed people of varying abilities to create their own work.

Our 4.6 yr old made a troll complete with green eyes and one green leg ...

Construction Paper Troll

... while our 6 yr old approached the task a little differently ...

Construction Paper Troll

As for my art, the boys thought it was funny! I think that was a compliment. My troll was named the baby of the troll family - something to do with the pants looking like a nappy.
Construction Paper Troll

Once our trolls were finished, we wrote statements around the trolls detailing facts about them. For example, Mother Troll is 65 years old and likes to eat nice, fresh, shiny nuts.

I always know when an art project has been favourably received by the boys when they start creating their own work and building on new ideas.

Construction Paper Troll

Daniel was pretty pleased with the pirate he made. The pirate was later seen being folded up and put in the back of a Lego police car. Apparently, he'd been arrested for stealing!

By participating in this activity, the boys engaged in:

  • Creativity - making their ideas come to life
  • Cooperation - sharing ideas on how to do something
  • Fine motor skills - cutting, tearing, drawing, writing, pasting
  • Experimentation - working out different ways to use the paper & glue
  • Creative writing - developing profiles for the trolls
  • Fun!

We had so much fun making trolls with construction paper that I can see the glue and construction paper being brought out on a regular basis for some time to come.

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